Comments on the Implementation of Section 22007 of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA)


In order to achieve parity in our food system we must immediately, substantially, and permanently address issues of discrimination from the bottom up, from racial, ethnic, social, sexual inequalities, to the discrimination system of corporations against our individual agency and democracy.

NFFC Commends Senator Gillibrand Support for Small/Underserved Farmer Support

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NFFC member and Land Loss Prevent Project director Savi Horne: “Requests from Senator Gillibrand to USDA for information on the number of farm foreclosures, loan defaults, and the amount of debt held by small-scale and historically underserved producers under USDA’s jurisdiction since March 1, 2020, will help illustrate the disparity these farmers have faced before and during the financial stresses of COVID-19 and their ability to repay their loans while experiencing months of significant market disruptions.”