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Use the form posted by RAFI-USA to let your legislators know of your support for the Relief for America's Small Farmers Act, which provides debt relief for small-scale farmers with Farm Service Agency (FSA) loans.

Tell TIAA (Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America), which manages pensions funds for millions of people in many public sector jobs, to stop investing in farm land in the U.S. and Brazil. University faculty, staff and students are urged to download a Senate Faculty toolkit to develop a plan for addressing TIAA's farm land grabs. Everyone is encouraged to sign a petition at StopLandGrabs.

Demand fair prices for farmers. Sign up below to receive our action alerts and learn about upcoming policy opportunities.

Schedule meetings with your Representatives or Senators to discuss the issues family farmers and rural communities need to see action. To locate staff for your members of Congress, visit congress.org, click U.S. Congress under Elected Officials on the left bar, search for your member, click on their name, and click on Staff Members (under the member's picture). You will get a list of all lead staff as well as office phone numbers and locations. Call NFFC's office if you need help with your search: 202-543-5675.

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