Save us from “Sound Science”

Jim GoodmanBlog

The term “sound science” really creeps me out, that is not a secret. Several months ago I wrote a piece called The Sound Science of Deception, resting my case, but a during recent discussion of federal research funding, there it was again, in USDA.

So I am repeating my earlier points and again saying, when you hear the term “sound science” get ready to be duped!

“Sound science” has no scientific definition. It does not mean peer-reviewed, or well documented research. “Sound science” is only a term, an ideological term, used to support a particular point of view, policy statement or a technology. “Sound science” is little more than the opinions of so-called “experts” representing corporate interests.

If the public has concerns about the environment, our health or the safety of our food after having been forced to accept scientific advancements like agricultural biotechnology, highly toxic pesticides, or “fracking,” our concerns are blown off because they are not based on “sound science.”

Without doubt, these practices are inherently unsafe, and in the case of GMOs, ineffective as well. In the end, they are of benefit only to the industries that own the technology. And because our society is so afraid of doing anything that might anger industry, or give industry a reason to outsource more jobs, science that does not support industry is not “sound science.”

Simply put, “sound science” always supports the position of industry over people, corporate profit over food safety, the environment and public health. So when someone says something is based on “sound science,” get ready to be duped.