Congress Wants to Block Foreign Ownership of U.S. Farmland. Is This a Red Herring?

NFFCNFFC In the News

As this new Ambrook Research article reports, members of Congress have recently introduced legislation that would prevent international investment in farmland, stoking fears about Chinese investments in particular. While internationally-based US land investment is a definite concern, the real risk to US farmland comes from within our own borders.

As our National Program Coordinator, Jordan Treakle, pointed out in this new article: “Canada, not China, is the largest foreign holder of American agricultural land by far (31% vs 1%). ‘If we look at the data on who are the leading investors in farmland, those are U.S.-based individuals and corporations,’ Treakle said.”

Ambrook also cited NFFC’s new reports in collaboration with Vermont Law School, saying:

“NFFC recently partnered with the Vermont Law School’s Center for Agriculture and Food Systems (CAFS) on four reports. These look at what the researchers call land grabs — although they also apply to things like the purchase of water rights — which they define as “often corporate-led attempts to control land, water, profits, and other resources” that are “focused on maximizing profits — not increasing agricultural production or sustainably managing natural resources.” The charge, they say, is being led by Wall Street investors, pension funds, and other financiers “looking for a place to park their money.”

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