A tribute to the late Donna Hall


Donna Hall was a spark plug and a workhorse all put together.

Donna was the kind of a person who comes along once in a great while. She was a very kind person, a philosopher who had more knowledge concerning dairy farmers’ problems and their potential solutions than most people would ever think about.

I first met Donna in the early 1990s at a Pro-Ag information meeting at the school in Lairdsville, PA (Lycoming County). As we progressed with the meeting, I realized that there was a lady who sat down at the end of the table in a packed meeting room. As I began to explain different things about our dairy farmers’ problems, she would “pipe up” and wanted to know what we were going to do about these problems. She did not hesitate one minute to keep firing many questions at me.

It takes someone like Donna Hall to make us all think about the real problems. Donna, up until the day of her passing, was still worrying about the dairy farmers’ problems and what we were going to do to solve them. As the old saying goes, she kept everyone thinking about how to solve these problems.

Donna led the fight to educate everyone concerning the problems that substitute dairy products were causing for dairy farmers. Whenever we were ending our conference calls, Donna would speak up and address everyone with her wisdom regarding dairy farmers’ problems.

As I always said, Donna kept us all on our toes, and made us even think more about solutions to the problems. However, Donna was one of the best friends a person could ever have. She was loyal to us, and helped Pro-Ag in so many ways that most people will never know. Donna was good to her family, her neighbors, and really good to her fellow workers. She did so much for all of her neighbors.

To her family I say, we share with you tremendous sorrow with her passing, but all of us are rejoicing with you knowing that Donna has gone on to enjoy the blessing she has gained with her new home.

God bless her family, and thank you for having Donna shower us with her knowledge and kindness.

Arden Tewksbury, Manager of NFFC member, Progressive Agriculture Organization, can be reached at 570-833-5776.