Women Must Be At the Table

NFFCNFFC In the News

This article in Ms. Magazine stated:

“That’s triggered another old American tradition: land grabs. The National Family Farm Coalition has partnered with Vermont Law School to create four reports on state and federal laws overseeing land access with that history in mind. If you picture your local farmer as a guy with a green John Deere cap and a sunburned red neck, you may need to alter the image. White male landowners at the top of the U.S. food chain are bigger than ever, and they’re more likely to wear ties or golf shirts.”

It also mentioned work of NFFC’s member organization, Women in Food and Agriculture Network:

The December 2022 national conference organized by WFAN (the Women, Food and Agriculture Network) revealed hundreds of formidable and experienced women passionately involved in food security. They not only highlighted the racial and gendered inequities; they offered exciting solutions…. Helga Garcia-Garza of Albuquerque, N.M., keynoted WFAN’s conference. She told a tale, not of tweaks, but of an overhaul of the region’s South Valley farms. Instead of competing for global markets, she headed a group of five cooperative farms collaborating to increase their capacity and remove structural barriers. They built a local farm sector in the region now 51 farms strong….

WFAN’s executive director Juliann Salinas told Ms. that WFAN will be meeting in Washington with a growing number of networks, including the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, the National Family Farm Coalition, the National Young Farmers Coalition and others for ‘partnership advocacy work … to insist that the Farm Bill be rooted in the adaptation of regenerative practices that benefit planet and people over profits’.”