The Fair Credit for Farmers Act


The Fair Credit for Farmers Act (S. 2668, HR 5296), jointly endorsed by NFFC and RAFI-USA, will improve access and accountability for the farm loan services offered by the USDA’s Farm Service Agency (FSA) while strengthening farmer-borrower rights. These improvements will especially help to ensure that historically underserved farmers and ranchers receive equal treatment in FSA lending and appeal processes. 

The Fair Credit for Farmers Act of 2023 reinforces our government’s commitment to all U.S. farmers by enacting improvements such as payment deferral, waived guaranteed loan fees for historically underserved borrowers, debt refinancing options, and limiting loan over-collateralization that puts farmers’ homes and assets at risk. It also corrects the imbalance of power in the appeals process, putting the burden of proof on FSA, rather than farmers, who won’t be required to file needless multiple appeals. 

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Fair Credit for Farmers Act