Organizers Offer ‘Food Solutions Forum’ Overview

NFFCPress Room

Food Solutions Forum
Tuesday, Nov. 5, 10am-1pm
University of New Hampshire-Durham
Contact: Sarah Laeng-Gilliatt and
Roger Fisk – 603-933-1639

We all have to eat. But there is much more to that burger, lobster, gallon of milk, or head of lettuce than meets the eye. What we eat, how we eat, how much we eat, and even where we eat has major social, economic, ecological, and health impacts. Climate change, minimum wage, immigration, water rights, land use, indigenous peoples’ sovereignty, small business viability, community infrastructure and even more are all wrapped up in the food that ends up on our plates.

And this ain’t small potatoes! Almost 100,000 New Hampshire jobs drive the state’s entire food system and our farmers and fisheries alone contribute over $230 million annually to the Granite State’s economy.

On Tuesday, November 5, from 10am – 1pm at UNH, the Food Solutions Forum is going to examine these issues from multiple perspectives, ranging from those of regional advocates to the hearing from people who get up every day and help feed families all across New Hampshire. We will do this through two diverse panels that will dig into the challenges and opportunities facing our food economy, plus we will be releasing a cutting edge economic impact study by one of the most experienced food systems analysts in the U.S., Ken Meter ( Multiple presidential candidates have been invited and some will be joining us in person and remotely.

Jim Goodman, President of the Board of the National Family Farm Coalition said, “Rural communities are at the heart of our food system and policies that ensure their viability and economic vitality have ripple effects throughout our society.”

Fishermen and farmers are critical to our ability to provide food for everyone in our society, and anyone running for public office needs to understand and address the challenges and opportunities facing their communities,” said Shannon Eldredge, commercial fisherman and Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance board president.

The press is invited to cover the event and we will make the panelists available for interviews before and after the forum. We will also have Ken Meter and others available the morning of Wednesday, Nov. 6.

What:               New Hampshire Food Solutions Forum for details
Where:             UNH Durhan The Granite State Room
When:              Tuesday November 5, 2019 10am – 1pm
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New Hampshire Community Seafood
The NH Food Alliance
The Agrarian Trust
The Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance
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