National Animal Identification System


38 organizations ask OMB to return the Animal Disease Traceability final rule to the USDA for more thorough review (07.10.12) of its disproportionate impact on small farmers and the associated businesses, such as sale barns and veterinarians.

Farmers Unite Against NAIS (11.18.09) – Family farmers joined food safety groups, sustainable agriculture advocates, and a variety of other organizations in signing letters urging Congress and the USDA to halt implementation of NAIS. Click here to read the letter to Congress, and here for the USDA letter.

Over 90 Farm, Consumer and Other Groups Request Zero Funding for Animal ID Program (9.22.09) – Over 90 organizations representing conventional farmers and ranchers, organic farmers, property rights activists, and consumers have sent a letter to Senate and House conferees for the Agriculture Appropriations bill urging them to zero out funding for the National Animal Identification System for 2010. NAIS will place undue burdens on America’s farmers and ranchers while doing nothing to address food safety and animal disease concerns.

80+ Groups Send Letter to Congress Demanding no New Funding for NAIS (07.07.09)

Joint Letter to Secretary Vilsack Opposing Further Implementation of NAIS (03.16.09)

Joint Letter to the U.S. Senate to request funding for NAIS be dropped from Omnibus Appropriations Bill (03.04.09)

Joint Letter to Senate Appropriations Requesting No Linkage Between NAIS and School Lunch Program (7.15.08)

Joint Letter to House Appropriations Requesting No Linkage Between NAIS and School Lunch Program (6.25.08)