Tiffany Bellfield


Tiffany Bellfield El-Amin was raised in rural Madison Co, Kentucky. She grew up tobacco farming with her grandparents and lived a homestead life. She began community organizing in 2013 around education and food access. She is a doula and her focus has always been children and families. She received her Associates in Science in 2015 and began working with Community Farm Alliance in 2017. She came on to CFA as a Farm to  Table Coordinator in the Northeast region of the state. This work grew into her current role as Food System Equity Organizer. In 2024 Tiffany will take on the role as Executive Director of Kentucky Black Farmers Association. She is a steward of her generational land and a conservationist. She shares these roles with her 17 year old daughter Makayla and her partners Wali and Ashley El-Amin.