March 4, 2013

Issue Committee

How We Work

NFFC chooses its projects based on the potential to empower family farmers by reducing the corporate control of agriculture and promoting a more socially just farm and food policy.
NFFC carries out these projects through issue committees- Trade Issue Committee, Farm and Food Policy Issue Committee (includes Dairy Subcommittee) and Credit Issue Committee.
Farmers representing their respective organizations share similar strategies for renewing family farm agriculture but politicians often pit regional groups against each other in public policy debates. Working in issue committees enables farm groups of differing commodities and in various regions to develop national organizing strategies and directly participate in issue work

Issue Committee Goals
• Identify and act on strategic legislative opportunities to promote and win progressive policy alternatives impacting the farm and food sectors.
• Hold policy makers and government agencies accountable.
• Expose and challenge corporate agribusiness direct responsibility for destructive farm, food, trade and rural/farm credit policies.
• Add value to member groups’ campaigns and initiatives.
• Formulate and recommend actions and policy positions to the NFFC Board and Executive Committee.

Issue Committee Composition
• At least one representative (leader and/or staff) from each member group active in respective task force issues.
• Chairperson(s) (must be NFFC Board Member(s).
• NFFC Executive Director and staff member assigned to Issue Committee.

Issue Committee Members’ Responsibilities:
• Act as liaison between Task Force and member organization: bring organizational requests for action to Task Force; consult with organization to help prioritize Task Force activities; take action alert requests, materials, etc. back to member organizations and ensure support and follow-up.
• Bring pertinent ideas, material, and information to attention of Issue Committee leadership and staff.
• Participate on regular monthly conference calls, and face-to-face meetings; review agenda and materials in advance; suggest agenda items; serve on ad-hoc committees and sub-committees when appropriate.
• Elect/confirm Issue Committee Chair(s).


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