March 4, 2013

Become a Member

The National Family Farm Coalition is only as strong as its grassroots member groups.

NFFC looks for members that share a commitment to implement a sustainable family farm system – one that produces safe and healthy foods and results in vibrant, economically sound rural communities here and around the world.

To become a NFFC member, simply send in your organization’s contact information by filling out the NFFC’s application form. If your organization meets membership criteria upon application review, it will become a NFFC member!

All member organizations must pay annual dues; this monetary amount is set at 0.5% of a member group’s annual budget, with a set minimum of $250 and maximum of $1,000. For further information or additional questions, call toll-free at 1-800-639-3276.

As an NFFC member, your organization will gain:

1) Visibility For Your Organization and Its Issues

– By attending NFFC’s Annual and Summer Board Meetings, your organization can advocate its issues to other NFFC member groups and partner organizations.

– By submitting materials about your organization and its issues, your organization can reach a national audience through NFFC’s quarterly newsletter, periodic action alerts, and web site.

2) Influence on NFFC’s Agenda and Farm, Food, Rural Economic Development and Trade Policy

– By participating in NFFC’s Issue Committees, your organization can introduce its issues into a supportive forum, building a constituency for your issues.

– By submitting resolutions, you can make your organization’s priority issues part of NFFC’s agenda, collectively working with other member groups to promote national and international policy alternatives.

– By electing NFFC board representatives, your organization can vote on NFFC’s priority issues and be nominated for leadership positions within NFFC.

3) Access to Information and Distribution to Partner Organizations and Networks

– By requesting other NFFC group’s support for your issues, your organization can distribute information and gather national support.

– By tapping into NFFC’s connections, your organization can invite experts within NFFC’s member groups, partner organizations and other networks to speak at your conferences and meetings.

4) National Representation

– By joining with NFFC’s member groups, your organization can contribute to a growing family farmer voice on farm, food, rural economic development and trade policy issues.


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