NFFC One of Many Voices at TPP Protest

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Dec. 8, 2014

Outside Trans-Pacific Partnership Negotiations in Washington, D.C.,
Hundreds Gather to Protest TPP, Toast the Demise of Fast Track Authority

WASHINGTON, D.C. – An hour of loud chanting and noisemakers ensured
that the chief negotiators from the 12 nations involved in Trans-
Pacific Partnership (TPP) talks today were aware of growing U.S.
public opposition to the TPP and the extremely dim prospects that
President Barack Obama will ever obtain Fast Track trade authority,
Public Citizen said. Hundreds of activists from labor, environmental,
consumer, human rights, public health, Internet freedom, faith and
family farm groups protested outside the Office of the United States
Trade Representative (USTR), where negotiators were meeting.

“U.S. public opposition is focused on TPP non-trade terms being pushed
by U.S. officials on behalf of corporate interests that would raise
medicine prices, undermine Internet freedom and provide foreign firms
operating here special privileges relative to their domestic
competitors,” said Lori Wallach, director of Public Citizen’s Global
Trade Watch. “President Obama will not get Fast Track authority for
the TPP because congressional Democrats and Republicans alike oppose
such ‘diplomatic legislating’ and are irate about the actual trade
terms, such as disciplines against currency manipulation, that the
administration has refused to raise in TPP talks.”

“The voices of millions of working, middle-class Americans cannot be
ignored,” said Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa. “They are tired
of being the casualties of bad trade deals that send good-paying jobs
overseas. The Teamsters Union will continue to fight against Fast
Track authorization and the Trans-Pacific Partnership – American
workers cannot pay the price of another bad trade deal.”

“We believe in trade,” said George Kohl, senior director of
Communications Workers of America. “We are fighting against old trade
policy that literally guarantees corporate profits at the expense of
working families in all nations. In the weeks ahead, we will mobilize
like never before against Fast Track authorizing legislation and the
TPP, and for 21st century trade that gives workers’ rights,
environmental issues and other concerns the same standing as corporate

“It’s time for all Americans – environmentalists, parents, workers –
to come together and make some noise,” said Ilana Solomon, director of
the Sierra Club’s Responsible Trade Program. “We can’t let negotiators
secretly shape trade pacts behind closed doors that will open up the
floodgates for fracking, make environmental safeguards vulnerable to
polluter attacks and worsen climate disruption. We’re raising our
voices to say ‘no’ to fast tracking a flawed Trans-Pacific
Partnership, and ‘yes’ to protecting our families and communities.”

Added Arthur Stamoulis, executive director of Citizens Trade Campaign,
“Trade negotiators need to wake up to the fact that Fast Track is dead
and won’t be resurrected. Voters have had enough of backroom pacts
that put corporate profits ahead of human needs, and Congress members
increasingly understand that rubber-stamping the TPP would be a fast
track out of office.”

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