NFFC convenes upcoming Dairy Tele-press call

As the House and Senate Conferees are slated to begin conferencing the 2013 farm bill on Wednesday, October 30, the NFFC Dairy Subcommittee will convene a tele-press call on Tuesday, October 29, at 1 PM EDT/10AM PDT.


Dairy farmers and representatives from consumer and dairy-related businesses from will describe the impacts of the current economic crisis, as well as the potential outcomes from the 2013 farm bill, on farmers, their families, rural communities, and consumers.
Arden Tewksbury of Pennsylvania and Dairy Subcommittee chair stated,

The dairy provisions contained in the proposed new Farm Bill does nothing to enable dairy farmers to earn a fair price for their milk. We are hopeful that Part II of the Dairy Title of S. 954 – the Senate version of the farm bill – will  be retained during conference. This section, Dairy Market Transparency, calls for mandatory price reporting, and Section 1462 outlines a procedure for USDA to hold hearings on the future for federal milk marketing orders for Class III pricing. This gives us some hope that changes could be adopted in the future.”


Tele-press conference details:

Date:  Tuesday, October 29

Time:  1 PM EDT/12 noon CDT/11 AM MDT/ 10 AM PDT

How:  Please call (202) 543-5675 for the toll-free call-in information or email

Who:  Dairy farmers with representatives from a consumer organization and related business

Why:  To learn the effects of the economic crisis and potential ramifications of the 2013 farm bill on farmers, rural communities and consumers’ food safety


For more information, please call Kathy Ozer at (202) 543-5675.

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