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The last two years have brought an explosion of interest in the politics of food and agriculture. Consumers hoping to learn more about these issues have had a host of exciting films to choose in. Filmmakers never get the chance to squeeze in all the information they want, however, and sometimes filmgoers leave the theater with unanswered questions.

That’s why NFFC has made fact sheets to go with some of our favorite movies. If you host a viewing for friends and family, don’t forget to print out a few copies and pass them around. Click on each movie for the appropriate fact sheet or get our latest fact sheet here.

You’ll learn the answers to the questions below:

What’s wrong with our food system?

Why do we spend millions subsidizing corn and soybeans?

Who really benefits from farm subsidies?

Why do we not subsidize fruits and vegetables?

How can we help independent livestock farmers and ranchers?

Did the 2008 Farm Bill do any good?

What would a just and fair farm policy look like?