Food Policy EditedDomestic Farm, Fish, and Food Policy

We work with NFFC member groups and partner organizations to change current federal farm policy to ensure a sustainable and adequate supply of local, wholesome food at affordable prices.  We also build support for our comprehensive agricultural policy proposal, the Food from Family Farms Act (FFFA).


Genetic Engineering Edited

Genetic Engineering

NFFC fights for mandatory GE labeling laws at the state, national, and international levels, stronger review of proposed genetically engineered crops, seafood, and livestock prior to approval, and fair and open access to  seeds.



Trade EditedTrade

NFFC believes that U.S. international trade policy must recognize each nation’s right and responsibility to make their own decisions about how to develop and protect the capacity to grow food, sustain the livelihood of food producers, and feed the people in its own borders.


Resource Grab EditedResource Access

We work toward preventing the turnover of land from family farmers to corporate agribusiness, investors, or extractive industries, eradicating ongoing discriminatory lending practices at all USDA levels, and securing sufficient funding and proper servicing of USDA lending programs.


Food Sovereingty EditedFood Sovereignty

NFFC is building support for a growing international food sovereignty movement.  This movement seeks to guarantee the basic right of communities to choose where and how their food is produced and what food they consume.



Pigs Edited

Local Food and New Farmer Initiative

We advocate for funding and resources for beginning and socially disadvantaged farmers, for increased access to local food markets, credit, discrimination, and mentoring programs for family farmers, and for a healthy farm-to-school network that mutually benefits local family farmers and students.


Dairy EditedDairy Crisis

NFFC works toward the creation of an effective dairy policy that includes fair farm-gate milk prices and the enforcement of anti-trust laws that would allow increased competition within the dairy market.



cattleeatingsnowAnimal Disease Traceability

We believe Congress should stop funding and implementing the National Animal Identification System (NAIS) at the federal level.  NFFC supports alternative proposals that truly ensure food safety, health, justice, and dignity for all.