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July 14: Family Farmers and and Consumer Group Expose House Ag Hearing for Failure to Address Real Causes and Solutions to Dairy Crisis (07.14.09) – The National Family Farm Coalition held a public flyering and press teleconference today to highlight the failure of the House Agriculture Subcommittee’s hearing on the dairy crisis to spotlight the voices of real family dairy farmers instead of relying on the same corporate processors and giant dairy cooperatives. Paul Rozwadowski, NFFC Dairy Subcommittee chairman and a Wisconsin dairy farmer, said, “While today’s hearing did a good job describing the disastrous conditions we are living under with the dairy price collapse, the Committee chose to have as witnesses the same dairy processors and very large factory farm operations who continue to push their same failed approaches. Instead of spotlighting our broken dairy pricing system, witnesses chose to focus on Dairy Export Incentive payments, Cooperatives Working Together’s “cow retirement” program, and more government purchasing of dairy products, none of which has made a dent in the crisis.”

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