Comments on USDA Milk Purchasing Program

NFFC Blog, Press Room

In response to USDA’s announcement of a new program to purchase fluid milk for distribution to The Emergency Food Assistance Program, National Family Farm Coalition sent a letter to USDA and Congressional agriculture leaders that included a Section 32 milk purchasing initiative among a list of suggested actions to address the urgent dairy crisis. NFFC applauds the agency’s decision to establish this purchasing program. It will provide a much-needed market for some of the surplus milk contributing to low farmer prices while putting wholesome dairy products into the hands and stomachs of people in need. However, NFFC’s proposal of the program was intended as a temporary measure, and we hope that USDA and Congress will take the additional steps outlined in our letter.

NFFC Requests DOJ Reconsider Monsanto-Bayer Approval

NFFC Blog, NFFC Weighs In

The National Family Farm Coalition is extremely disappointed that the US Department of Justice has approved the Monsanto-Bayer merger and kindly requests that you reconsider your decision. Representing approximately 70,000 family farmers and ranchers throughout the US, our members have raised fears since the merger was first announced in 2016, and several were among the majority (90-plus percent) of farmers who opposed the merger in a recent survey by Friends of the Earth US.