What We Stand For

Fair Prices. Local Jobs. Fresh Foods.

We are working to ensure fair prices for family farmers, local jobs for resilient communities, and fresh foods for all.

U.S. farm and food policy must change in order to reverse the economic devastation currently faced by our nation’s family farmers and rural communities.  In addition, our international trade policy must recognize each nation’s right and responsibility to make their own decisions about how to develop and protect the capacity to grow food, sustain the livelihood of food producers, and feed the people in its own borders.

We envision empowered communities everywhere working together democratically to advance a food and agriculture system that ensures health, justice, and dignity for all. Future generations will thrive when the family farm is an economically viable livelihood supported by environmentally sustainable and socially diverse vibrant rural communities.

NFFC Accomplishments

NFFC Goals:

  • Effectively challenge existing farm, food, trade and rural economic policy with policy alternatives that ensure that family farmers receive a fair price for what they produce and have access to the credit and land they need to remain in business
  • Support new programs and policies that capture a greater share of agricultural profits in rural communities
  • Reduce agribusiness corporations’ increasing control of the food system and its excessive influence in the agricultural policy debate
  • Organize to increase the effectiveness and capacity of the Coalition and its member groups

NFFC pursues policies that aim to:
1) Enact Food From Family Farms Act.
2) Restore competition to the farm and food sector.
3) Negotiate Fair Trade Agreements.
4) Promote food security and food safety.
5) Hold US Government Agencies accountable.
6) Minimize the risks of genetic engineering.