We are mourning the loss of our beloved Kathy Ozer, the long time executive director of NFFC. As we make longterm plans to address this transition, Lisa Griffith will be serving as the interim director. We look forward to updating you with new information soon. Kathy Ozer  worked on farm, rural, and fair trade policy for over 20 years at the National Family Farm Coalition. In the mid-1980’s, she worked for the United States Student Association (USSA) on education access issues. She represented NFFC on the boards/coordinating committees of the Citizens Trade Campaign, Jobs with Justice, and the US Food Sovereignty Alliance. Kathy was part of the farmer delegations at the WTO in Seattle and Cancun and at the United Nations. Her work addressed the credit and global food crisis; holding onto farmer wins to restore fairness and competition in farm and food policy and efforts to address the ongoing dairy farmer crisis. Kathy received her B.A. in Economics from the University of Massachusetts/Amherst and enjoys living in the Adams-Morgan neighborhood in DC. She will be missed across the family farm movement, and we’ll do our best to keep her spirit alive by continuing the work she was so proud of and representing the family farmers and fishers she nurtured through the years.


Interim Director                                   Lisa Griffith

Via Campesina Coordinator            Jessica Roe

Interim Policy Advocate                    Quinton N. Robinson 

Lisa Griffith
Interim Director

Lisa Griffith, has been the Membership and Outreach Coordinator for NFFC, and with the passing of Kathy Ozer, she will be serving as the interim director. Lisa comes from a family farm in northeast Missouri and social/food justice organizing in Chicago. She facilitates our local foods/food sovereignty, animal disease traceability, and anti-GMO deregulation efforts, and works with NFFC leaders to express the family farmer/fisher voice.

Jessica Roe
Via Campesina Coordinator

Quinton N. Robinson
Interim Policy Advocate