Monday Demonstration in Europe to reclaim right to seeds

La Via Campesina mobilized European farmers to demonstrate in front of the European Parliament on Monday. Please read their press release here or an excerpt below:

Farmers mobilize in Brussels: “Reclaiming peasants’ rights over our own seeds” Published on Tuesday, 21 January 2014 01:34

(Brussels, 20 January 2014) At the start of the year devoted to family farming, which is being called on by the UN to feed the world, peasants from all over Europe are demonstrating before the European Parliament on Monday January 20 2014. We have come to reclaim recognition of peasants’ rights to select, preserve, use, exchange and sell our own seeds. We declare that our seeds are essential if we are to feed the world. Only with our seeds can we overcome the challenge of discontinuing the use of toxic pesticides, protection of the environment and the struggle of adapting to climate change. Only peasant family farming helps to cool the planet.

GMOs must be banned. Co-existence alongside them is not a viable option. Intellectual property rights on living organisms, which allow industry to lay claim to all the world’s seeds, must also be stopped. We call on the European institutions to enshrine these peasants’ rights in all regulations.”

Please read the entire press release here

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