The Meat Racket on NPR!

With the arrival of Chris Leonard’s book, The Meat Racket, NPR aired their recent interview with him during today’s Morning Edition. Read the story or listen here.

For those of you in the DC area, Chris will be speaking tonight from 6-7:30pm at the Arizona State Washington Center and Sunday at Politics & Prose at 1pm. After DC, Chris will be in Washington (state), Oregon, California, New York, and Missouri. See his events page here for details on his book tour.

Tyson responded to Chris’ interview with the statement below:

A Statement From Tyson Foods

“Contrary to critics like Mr. Leonard, we provide opportunities for farmers to prosper and consumers to buy safe, affordable food.

“Tyson Foods is one of the leading supporters of American farmers, paying more than $15 billion last year alone to the thousands of independent farmers who supply us. We depend on them and want them to succeed. Some of them have been raising livestock and poultry for us for decades, and in some cases, for multiple generations. They own and operate their own farms and either sell their livestock to us or raise our chickens for us.

“Our business is structured to meet the needs of our customers and ultimately consumers. We sell our products to retail and food service companies; however, we don’t set consumer prices. What we ask for our products is determined by supply and demand. No one company is big enough to control the market, especially in today’s global food environment. U.S. consumers still spend a smaller percentage of their total income on food than consumers in most other countries.

“Meat production is already one of the most heavily-regulated industries in the country with laws covering such important areas as food and worker safety, livestock price reporting and product labeling as well as rules governing our business relationship with the farmers. But for us, it’s not just about regulations, it’s about people trying to do the right thing in every aspect of what we do, including how we work with farmers.”


Chris was also featured in this American Public Media, Splendid Table story on Friday Feb 21st.

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