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DAIRY FARMERS: FAIR MILK PRICES NEEDED TO STOP THE BLEEDING IN RURAL AMERICA Dairy Farmers Call for Congress to Reject Industry Influence and Co-Sponsor Key Legislation: The Federal Milk Market Improvement Act of 2011 (see below). Full press release here. Letter to the Senate with bill...

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CALIFORNIA FARMERS UNION AND CALIFORNIA DAIRY CAMPAIGN SUPPORT LEGISLATION TO IMPROVE DAIRY PRODUCER PRICES (6.27.11)- CFU and CDC presidents sent a letter to NFFC President Ben Burkett in support of legislative reforms called for in the NFFC-backed “Federal Milk Marketing Improvement Act.”...

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May 8: U.S. Dairy Farmers Applaud Introduction of New Bill to Fix Dairy Pricing System and Help Staunch Economic Crisis (05.08.09). – The Federal Milk Marketing Improvement Act of 2009, introduced by Senators Bob Casey and Arlen Specter as S.889, seeks to give dairy farmers a cost of production for their hard...

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