To the Workers of the World

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Labor Day commemorates the labor union movement, the demand for an eight-hour work day, better working conditions, fair wages and an end to child labor. In 1894 Labor Day became a federal holiday celebrated as a “workingman’s holiday” on the first Monday of September honoring the contributions of working men and women to America. While labor unions were organizing in the 1870′s, small farmers, through the Grange Movement were trying to...

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The Fallacy of Feeding the World

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Yesterday I heard someone talking about our (the USA’s) duty to “feed the world”. I have a real problem with this, who gave us this mandate? I really find this “feed the world” thing to be ridiculous as well as very condescending to the rest of the world. Who made us keepers of the world? Who decided we knew how to feed them and who decided the people of world were incapable of feeding themselves? In the first place they may not...

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Congress Heads into Recess with Work Left to be Done

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Congress begins its August recess this week, as Members head home to their districts to campaign for the midterm election despite massive legislative inaction over the past few months. Political infighting has halted appropriations and left Congress with much to do when it returns in September for at most three weeks. School meal nutrition standards have been a contentious issue contributing to the grinding halt in 2015 Agriculture...

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Save us from “Sound Science”

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The term “sound science” really creeps me out, that is not a secret. Several months ago I wrote a piece called The Sound Science of Deception, resting my case, but a during recent discussion of federal research funding, there it was again, in USDA. So I am repeating my earlier points and again saying, when you hear the term “sound science” get ready to be duped! “Sound science” has no scientific definition. It does...

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Press release: TTIP bad for agriculture, health and the environment says U.S. and EU civil society

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July 10, 2014 BRUSSELS – The next round of negotiations for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) will take place July 14–18 in Brussels, almost exactly a year since the first round in Washington, DC. Since that time, movements for local and regional farming and food systems and public health advocates on both sides of the Atlantic have coordinated efforts to raise their concerns around the agreement. Civil society groups...

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Supporting Dairy Farmers is Part of a Balanced Diet

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  Eat fat! That is the message delivered in new studies that suggest Americans have wrongfully avoided fat in their diets for decades. In an effort to deal with the growing epidemic of heart disease, scientists turned their focus to cutting fat from diets. Many of those studies failed to control for major heart disease contributors like​ smoking, stress, sedentary lifestyles, and obesity. Nonetheless, the war against fat had...

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