The USDA’s Concept and Real-Life Effects of Coexistence with GMOs – Stephen Tolpinrud

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Stephen Tolpinrud just completed his graduate studies in the School of International Service at American University in Washington, DC. For the 2014-15 school year he was enrolled in a practicum overseen by Prof. Garrett Graddy-Lovelace that involved the National Family Farm Coalition and Rural Coalition/Coalición Rural. After several months of research on GMOs and their effects on family farmers and ranchers who have been historically...

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April 17 Protest in Brussels

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April 17 is marked as the International Day of Peasant and Farmer Struggle. In honor of 19 landless peasant farmers massacred in Brazil in 1996 we celebrate resistance, solidarity and this year mobilize against Transnational Corporations and Free Trade Agreements. I was asked to participate and represent the National Family Farm Coalition in protests in Brussels Belgium with Via Campesina Europe and other Civil Society groups. I had never...

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NFFC and Allies Send Letter to Congress: Fast Track a Bad Deal

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The National Family Farm Coalition joined more than 110 farm, food and consumer groups on an April 12 letter urging Congress to oppose fast track legislation (trade promotion authority), which would ease the passage of free trade agreements such as the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) and TAFTA (Trans Atlantic Free Trade Agreement).   Dena Hoff, board vice president, said, “There is too much riding on these trade agreements for the people...

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Has Glyphosate Met Its Waterloo?

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Can organic farmers use Roundup® ? I get that question a lot, society has been told and it seems, really believes that as crop chemicals go, nothing could be safer. But that’s just it, using nothing is safer. And no, organic farmers can’t use it, but if I could why would I want to? It is, after all, a poison, its active ingredient, glyphosate, is a poison, as are some of its “inert” ingredients. Monsanto introduced the first...

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Join NFFC at May 4 Special Event Screening of AFTER WINTER, SPRING

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AFTER WINTER, SPRING, a film by Judith Lit In partnership with Alliance Française of Washington, Institut Français, Goethe-Institut, and the National Family Farm Coalition, this special event screening will be preceded by a dessert tasting from our favorite local spots and followed by a discussion with the filmmaker and local farmers. Filmmaker Judith Lit is also available for interviews. Award-winning feature documentary AFTER WINTER, SPRING,...

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Are Dairy Farmers Facing the Year 2009 Again?

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Guest Editorial by Arden Tewksbury, Manager, Pro Ag With dairy farmers’ prices plummeting $9.50 per cwt. (hundred weight) from the high point of $26.16 in September 2014 down to the present level of $16.66, it makes one wonder if the net result will come close to the 2009 massacre. The high point of 2008 was $21.11 per cwt. in Federal Order #1. The low point in 2009 was $11.56. This means the dairy farmers’ price dropped $9.55 per cwt. from...

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