The World Doesn’t Want us to Feed Them– That Should be Part of Our National Food Policy

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I have wanted to comment on a couple of recent articles that have taken the issue of “feeding the world” and “a national food policy” up a notch– well there is no national food policy, and perhaps it is time there is one. Many supporters of local food production were glad to see these topics put in print in the New York Times and Washington Post. I agree, food is something everyone deals with everyday, many without thinking about...

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To Agribusiness, Small Farms are Irrelevant

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I had a list of things I needed to get for the farm (I didn’t care where I found them, Farm & Fleet, the Co-op whoever might have them) a feed scoop, a barn broom, a couple of neck straps for the cows, small things, but necessary. I stopped at a big hardware store last Saturday on the way home from the Farmers Market. They used to cater to small farmers — no more, unless you have only horses or pets. I found two of the ten or so...

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Rural Repression: The Cruel Insanity of Obama’s Agriculture Export Plan

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by HEATHER GRAY Counterpunch article from February, 2010. When President Barrack Obama stated in his recent State of the Union address that one avenue to advance the economy was to increase U.S. agricultural exports, I cringed.  Right out of Milton Friedman, export agriculture is the neo-liberal free market capitalist approach to agriculture that, if anything, has been successful in destroying family farmers. Obama’s announcement was yet...

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Food Sovereignty Award Coverage: Column for The Progressive Populist

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By Margot Mcmillen   Every year since 1986, the Norman Borlaug fan club, made up of the big winners in the Green Revolution, has awarded a prize to some corporate tiller of the field. The “World Food Prize” is headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa in the former public library building. From this modest address, the chemical producers, giant combine builders, soybean processors and hog owners give the award mostly to researchers who have...

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Open Call for Essays for TNI State of Power Annual Report

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The Transnational Institute (TNI) in the Netherlands is issuing an open call for essays/short papers for its forthcoming State of Powerreport launched in late January 2015 to coincide with the World Economic Forum in Davos. TNI’s annual State of Power reports have, since their launch in 2012, become a must-see reference point for citizens, activists and academics concerned with understanding the nature of power in our globalised world. With a...

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The Fallacy of Feeding the World

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Yesterday I heard someone talking about our (the USA’s) duty to “feed the world”. I have a real problem with this, who gave us this mandate? I really find this “feed the world” thing to be ridiculous as well as very condescending to the rest of the world. Who made us keepers of the world? Who decided we knew how to feed them and who decided the people of world were incapable of feeding themselves? In the first place they may not...

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